Hampden Watch Company
aka Mozart Watch Company 
aka New York Watch Company
aka Dueber Watch Company

Founded in 1866 by Donald Mozart and George Rice, Provident RI.  In 1887 the company moved to Springfield Mass.  Originally the company manufactured size 16 and size 18 pocket watches of varying qualities. 

Company was later bought by John C. Dueber.  The name "Dueber" is synonymous among watch collectors for thier watch cases.  The company was a very large producer of solid Gold, Gold Filled, and Coin Silver watch cases of the era.  The company supplied cases to well known companies like Elgin, Waltham, Illinois,  and others.    

Dueber Watch Case company purchased Hampden watch company and moved its facilities to Canton, OH in 1888.  By 1889 the Company had two names.  One for its watches "Hampden Watch Company, Canton OH"  and one for the cases it manufactured, "Deuber Watch Company, Canton, OH."  The company continued to use "Hampden" on the dials.  In 1923 the company changed it's name to Dueber-Hampden Watch company.  

"Hampden" despite it's many name changes over its interesting history, is quite collectible today among pocket and wrist watch enthusiasts.  The values and quailty of the watches they made over almost a 70 year period vary greatly, with some being worth only dollars, while other more rare examples being worth hundreds, and even thousands of dollars.
Nice example of a super rare Hampden Wrist Watch