Jaeger - Le Coultre

1833:   Antoine Le Coultre establishes his watch "factory"
or "workshop".  It is here where all the company's cases and
movements are still made by hand.

1844:   Antoine Le Coultre invents the millionometer enabling
the world to make measurements exact to a thousandth of a

1847:   Le Coultre presents the world's first movement with a
crown winding mechanism.  This signals the demise of the key
wound watch.

1851 : The Great Exhibition opens in London where Antoine LeCoultre wins his first gold medal for a gold chronometer with the new keyless winding and setting system.

1903:   Le Coultre achieves its dream of making the slimmest
watch movement in the world.  This mechanical miracle is only
1.38 mm thick, while even the much more complicated
chronograph is only 2.88 mm thick.

1926:   Le Coultre develops the Duoplan, a watch whose
accuracy is way ahead of its time.

1928:   An engineer at Le Coultre by the name of J. L. Reutter
devises the first Atmos clock.  This table clock does away
with the need for winding - it derives all its power from
minute fluctuations in room temperature.

1929:   Le Coultre enters the record books with the smallest
watch movement of all time.  It measures 14 x 4.8 x 3.4 mm
and weighs less than a gram.

1931:   Le Coultre unveils the Reverso.  A classic from the
beginning the Reverso has a rotating mechanism which allows
the watch to be rotated 180 degrees protecting the crystal
and dial from damage.  It was one of the first watches to be
equipped with built in shock resistance.

1932 : LeCoultre creates the harmonious linear arrangement of the Baguette clock which is always presented in a glass case.

1953:   Jaeger - Le Coultre makes history when it unveils the
Futurematic.  The world's first fully automatic watch without
a winding crown.

1956:   Jaeger - Le Coultre adds to their long list of
accomplishments when they introduce the Memovox, the first
wristwatch to feature an alarm.

One of the finest watchmakers of all time.  Their innovations have been amazing.

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