If you don't have the knowledge or desire to fix a watch yourself and are wondering about having your watch repaired - Here's some advice on finding someone good to get the job done...

First I would check your local yellowpages for "watch repair" or "Jewelry Repair" and start calling...  It might take some time to find the right people that can help you - but it is worth it... 

Tell them you are looking for a qualified "WATCHMAKER" in the area - and see what they say.  This is really important, because a watchmaker is an expert watch repair person who repairs the article on site.  They will provide faster turn around, and will be able to answer your questions in person.

NOTE...Most jewelry stores CAN NOT fix watches!  Make sure you find out where the watch will be repaired and by who. DONT BELIEVE THEM IF THEY SAY THET CAN HANDLE IT.... they usually just ship it out to a watchmaker and charege you a MARKUP.  They may claim they can fix your watch, but they usually are not qualified!  If you leave it with a jeweler it will probably cost you extra time and money - so BEWARE. 

If you need help locating a watchmaker please go to for a list of certified watchmakers in your state.  For best results just enter your STATE.

As with anything even some watch repair shops are overpriced .. So to help you from being overcharged I have put together a list of prices that  a FAIRLY priced  watchmaker would charge you.  (PLEASE NOTE...RARE or complicated jobs WILL DEFINATELY cost more that what is quoted)

"Standard" Cleaning and Oiling   $75-100
"Standard" Dial Refinishing        $50-70
"Standard" Crystal Replacement      $25-50
Mainspring replacement$30-50
New Strap          $15-30
New Hands        $10-25
Polish Case       $10-15

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