So, you don't have the knowledge or desire to fix a watch yourself and you need your watch repaired?  I would love to accept all the work I am offered, however, I don’t do repair work any more. If you follow the advice below, and you still can not find an acceptable repair person in your area, please contact me.  I have a watchmaker friend locally that I can put you in touch with. 

Finding someone in your local area is nearly impossible.  There just arent many watchmakers around!  Here's some advice on finding someone good to get the job done... (and possibly in your area)

First I would do a google search for "watch repair" or "Jewelry Repair" in your area and place some phone calls.  It might take some time to find the right people that can help you - but it is worth it...  

Tell them you are looking for a qualified "WATCHMAKER" in your area - and see what they say.  This is really important.  A watchmaker is an expert watch repair person who repairs the article on site.  They will provide faster turn around, will be able to answer your questions in person, and most are fairly reasonable with their prices.

Jewelry stores (the majority of them anyway) can't fix watches!  They can change batteries and bands, but not serious repairs to vintage wind ups.  Make sure you know in advance where the watch will be repaired and by whom.  Most jewelry shops will ship your watch out to a watchmaker that they do business with and charge a modest markup.  Yes,this will add to the cost of repairs, however, it could actually be a good thing.  Due to repeat/volume business, the jewelry store will have certain clout and "pull" with the watchmaker- ensuring that the job is done to your satisfaction,and in a reasonable turnaround time.  They will usually stand behind the work and will send it back out if there is something wrong when the watch returns.

If you need help locating a watchmaker please go to for a searchable list of certified watchmakers in your area.  Since watchmakers are so scarce I would only enter your State of residence - you may have to ship it to them.

As with anything, some watch repair shops cost more than others... I have put together a list of prices that a reasonably priced  watchmaker would charge you.  These are averages.  I have heard of some shops quoting up to $600 just to do a clean/oil/adjustment!  

PLEASE NOTE:  Rare watches, Rolex's, Automatics, Chronographs, or other complicated jobs will cost A LOT more than the prices quoted below:  

"Standard" Cleaning and Oiling    $80-150
"Standard" Dial Refinishing        $100+
"Standard" Crystal Replacement      $50-100
Mainspring replacement    $50-75
New Strap          $20-40
New Hands        $25-40
Polish Case       $20

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